Stephen Marshall

Stephen Marshall Aboriginal AudioStephen is the senior audio technician with Aborigional Audio. Professionally qualified and very experienced, he has also benefited from working with the best sound engineers in the business over a number of years and is thereby well equipped for this undertaking.

Stephen’s work experience began in Sydney in the music industry then expanded to the film and television industries, including employment in all the major Australian television stations as a free lance sound technician. His experience has included working for two years, in this capacity in the United States, primiarly working music videos and large scale TV commercial. Some of his more recent experience has been in the recording of Aboriginal music which often results in the production of a high quality CD and recording for new media.

James Taggart

Aboriginal-Audio-James-TaggartAs an experienced sound recordist James can bring a professional approach to all aspects of audio production, whether in studio or on location. He is diligent in ensuring that each job can be completed satisfactorily. James also has extensive experience in Video production and can provide camera and editing equipment and nesaccary skills to this particiular field. At times, in some fields of work, audio production and video production overlap and James guarantees to provide a competent, friendly and efficient service.