Aboriginal Abudio About Us

ABORIGINALAUDIO.COM.AU is the recording and production of indigenous Australian music in all its forms. We are specialists in this field and offer experience, a professional approach and a sensitivity to what is required by the client. The focus is on precise recording techniques balanced with an appreciation of the artistic influences that make up authentic indigenous music. A close working relationship between the artists and the technician is most important, as is some understanding of that part of country which has inspired the music. We can offer a delicate blend of high-technology recording technique with an understanding of the nature of the artist and their musical belief.

As well as from time to time using studio locations, most recordings of traditional indigenous music take place where it makes the most sense –in traditional locations. Part of the on-location recording process is the involvement of the local people in providing valuable information as to suitable locations, logistic and to liaise with the musicians. Our experience has been that this is always a gratifying encounter for us and the local people we involved. We are always conscious of the need to reflect the artists intentions without qualification.

We offer a simple recording procedure or a complete process of recording, final production and where required, provide the final C.D. audio product. While AboriginalAudio takes responsibility for the complete production process, including initial recording, mastering and production artwork at all times the client is kept up to date with the process and their input on production style and choice of artwork is welcomed as is their endorsement of the finished product.

Traditional Aboriginal music which is part of an ancient culture is a unique art form and should be preserved because of its intrinsic value, but also for future generations to appreciate. We at AboriginalAudio believe this preservation is very important and feel privileged to participate in this endeavour.


The music of the Aboriginal culture can be up to 40,000 years old. In a changing world it’s important to capture this forever, for all future generations enjoy and learn from. As well as providing a commercial service, we at aboriginalaudio.com.au believe in what we are doing: recording part of a people and their culture before it may be lost.

The staff of aboriginalAudio have extensive experience in audio recording and production. With a proven record of achieving high quality results for clients in the field of indigenous music CD production. As well as technical expertise, we can bring to a project an understanding and sensitivity required to appreciate this unique art form. This considerate and measured method of operation will produce an atmosphere and cultural themed recording which will be truly reflected in the final product.

AboriginalAudio main focus is the recording and production of indigenous Australian music. We are specialists in this field of recording and offer experience, professionalism and a vision for what the client is looking for.